Booking matters:

Q: Is booking available through telephone?
A: Since the majority time slots are reserved, we recommend you checking for vacancies online to match with your own schedule before doing the booking online.

Q: There are only two participants in my group, while the upper limit of the theme is six people. Is it possible that I do not need to merge with other group?
A: Since the upper limit is six people, there is a chance that you would have to merge with other group. However, if there is no further reservation subsequently, you two can proceed independently.

Q: If a group of two people has reserved for a room for 4-6 people with no further additional participants, does it mean it will be cancelled?
A: The two people will proceed the game in this case, but the game will be busy and challenging.

Q: When will the booking for reservation after 14 days be available?
A: After 23:59 every day.

Q: Any English Version?
A: If there is no “Chinese version only” stated after the game name in the booking system, English Version is provided.

Game matters:

Q: What is the favourable age for the game?
A: Participants over 12 years old are recommended. Children aged 6-11 should be accompanied by adults.

Q: How should we deal with our baggage?
A: Lockers are provided.

Q: Can I bring along with my hand-holding baby to the game room?
A: Hand-holding baby is not allowed to enter the game room and no infant care service is provided. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Q: Can we seek for advice if we cannot solve the riddle? Will there be any explanation after the game?
A: Generally there will be one chance to seek for advice. There will be someone explaining in the end, therefore you are not allowed to play in the same room twice.

Q: What should I do if I do not feel well during the game?
A: There is an alarm button in every room. Staff would arrive promptly once the button is pressed.

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