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5 more new Reality Room Escape Theme Rooms in Jakarta awaits you!

1) Video Games World
Game company, REALIFE, has developed an immersive gaming experience that allows players to enter Video Games World.
For real, for only 45 minutes. Recently, more and more gamers have been reported missing.They have turned to you, the FBI, for help.
All leads point to REALIFE themselves and you sense a big conspiracy behind this.
You and your team will travel into the Video Games world to find out the truth behind all of this once and for all.
This scenic chamber of azure sky and green pastures with mushrooms and tunnels holds an extraordinary mission.
You must find a way perform a thorough investigation and connect back to reality from this virtual world.
Otherwise, you too, will be Trapped forever.

2) Headless Murder
A horrifying homicide, a vacant room ever since. These had attracted you and a group of paranormal detectives to explore this place.
What you’ve been yearning for has finally happened! The breath of death and hopeless have invaded every single cells of your nerves.
Things can only get worst for whatever that’s waiting for you.

3) Unmask
Two years ago, a top biologist graduate bought a huge number of fetuses from the black market in order to prove the hypothesis of combining human and animal genes. This horrifying experiment was discovered by his female junior schoolmate.
In order to hide his secret, his female junior schoolmate was then killed and disposed off.
No incriminating evidence has been found and the police have filed it as a case of missing person till today.
Few days ago, you and your schoolmates received a SMS, you all are invited to an underground operation room to unveil the undisclosed secrets within 60 mins.

4) Ninja:
The Secret Disciplines of the Shinobi (Coming Soon)

Today is your one, and only chance, to prove yourselves and attain the title of, Shinobi.
Pass the tests and bring honour to you and your family.Fail, and resign to your fate, as a commoner.
To succeed, you have to endure the many trials and escape from this place within 45 minutes.
These trials will test your physical strength, observation skills, wisdom, teamwork, martial arts, patience,
and your ability to differentiate real from fake.This chamber consists simple decorations from the Edo era.
They may look mediocre, but each and every decoration is a crucial clue for deciphering the nine Kuji-in signs.
Master them well, and trigger the secret entrance to the next stage – the weapons room.Defeat the Warrior Examiner to obtain the key to the next stage.Use your observation and logical inferential abilities to solve the password on the caligraphy painting.Survive, and prove yourself worthy of the greatest title of all – Shinobi.

5)Dragon (coming soon)
You’re all disciples of Freeing Dragon Sect, each equipped with a high level of martial arts skills.
However, your Master has always felt that there’s a hidden darkness in you and he’s unwilling to impart his Kungfu to you.
Due to this you had been ostracized by other fellow disciples.
Today while your Master and other disciples went to the nearby bamboo forest for training, you decided to steal the most powerful Kungfu Manual, leave the sect and be your own Grand Master.
However, if you fail, you’ll be abolished of your skills and sent into exiled!

Can you escape in time?!

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